Candidate Proposing Nuke Plants for Maine Drops out of Congressional Race

May 14, 2016

BANGOR, Maine _ An un-enrolled candidate for Maine's Second Congressional District has withdrawn his hat from the ring. Mike Turcotte, a professor at Eastern Maine Community College,  says he's withdrawing from the race for the Washington D.C. seat to focus his attention on state development issues.

Turcotte, whose focus has been on economic development, is floating a proposal to establish two nuclear power plants in the Katahdin Region.  He's also proposing that Aroostook potato farmers look to alternative high dollar crops, such as ginseng.  

It's not clear if Turcotte acquired the necessary 2000 signatures to get onto the ballot.

 In his withdrawal letter, Turcotte slams his two opponents, incumbent Republican Bruce Poliquin and challenger Democrat Emily Cain. “Over three million dollars will be spent on this House race between the two party candidates," says Turcotte, "Obviously this is not a quest for public service; it is a war for power between two self-serving political parties.”

As of the end of March, Cain had raised $1.2 M,  and Poliquin, $2.2 M dollars. 

Turcotte's withdrawal leaves just Cain and Poliquin on the ballot. 

A second Democrat, Joe Baldacci of Bangor,  withdrew from the race in February.