'Car Caroling' Brings Nursing Home Residents To Falmouth Church Parking Lot For Holiday Cheer

Dec 14, 2020

In Falmouth, a tradition of caroling at local nursing homes was replaced on Sunday with “car caroling” held behind the church.

Organizer Kristen Coleman says the idea emerged from a conversation with Pastor Amelia Edson.

“So we were kinda talking about ‘What do we do? We can’t carol.’ And she was like, ‘What if people…’ I was thinking maybe they could caravan around to the nursing homes and, after a little brainstorming, she kinda came up with, like, ‘What if people come to us?’” Coleman says.

And so they did, cars lined up in the parking lot. Three carolers sang over loudspeakers and, via a transponder, car radios tuned to a certain frequency. Booklets were also given out so people could follow and join in singing if they wanted.

“It’s basically the same concept as a drive-in movie. So it is, kind of, that general idea and taking that and applying it to group caroling,” Coleman says.

Kennebunkport wrapped up its weeklong Prelude holiday festival. It moved public events online this year, including its 10th annual Pooch Parade.