Caribou Had Snow On The Ground For A Record 163 Consecutive Days

Apr 23, 2019

CARIBOU, Maine - It's another overcast day in Maine, but there's reason for cheer in Caribou. The National Weather Service reports that the city is mostly snow-free after setting a record for longest stretch with at least an inch of snow on the ground.

Officially, there was at least 1 inch of snow for 163 days, from Nov. 10 through April 21. Meteorologist Mal Walker said that shattered the old record of 155 days in the winter of 2002-2003.
Walker said it's been a "long, hard winter'' and that people are ready for spring after getting pounded with 164.7 inches of snowfall.

But he said there's still the potential for more snow. In Maine's Aroostook County, it's not unusual to see snow in May.