Census Releases 'American Community Survey' Results

Dec 3, 2015

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Census Bureau is out today with its latest "American Community Survey."  The survey is conducted between the once-every-10-year Census, and provides a demographic snapshot of the nation based on long questionnaires filled out by Americans.

The latest figures are for 2014, and they show that Maine had 1,330,089 people that year, whose median age was 44.1.  The survey also tracks other things:  The median commuting time to work for Mainers, for example, was 23.5 minutes in 2014.

It also found that there are an estimated 12, 612 households in Maine where grandparents live with their grandchildren.  In 5,300 of those households there is no parent present.

The survey also includes other statistics: For instance, the largest number of Mainers - nearly 178,000 - work in education, healthcare or social assistance jobs. The fewest - about 11, 540 - work in what the Census Bureau calls its information sector.