China Rising: Experts from the Camden Conference Discuss Whether This is China's Century

Feb 22, 2019

Credit Camden Conference 2019

In conjunction with the Camden Conference, we discuss China’s role in the world today, and tomorrow.


Yuen Yuen Ang, associate professor of political science, University of Michigan. In 2018, the Carnegie Corporation named Dr. Ang an Andrew Carnegie Fellow in recognition of her “high-caliber scholarship that applies fresh perspectives to some of the most pressing issues of our times.”

Robert Daly, director, Kissinger Institute on China and the United States, Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington. Previously, Mr. Daly headed China programs at Johns Hopkins, Syracuse and the University of Maryland.

Martin Jacques, (by phone), 2019 Camden Conference keynote speaker. Dr. Jacques is a senior fellow in Cambridge University’s department of politics and international studies and a visiting professor at Tsinghua University, Beijing and Fudan University, Shanghai. He is author of the global best-seller "When China Rules the World: The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order."