Creating Scary, Spooky Sound

Oct 29, 2015

We'll discuss (and hear) how professionals use sound to create fear.  We'll also discuss the rising interest in oral storytelling (from ghost stories to modern audio drama) that crops up in the Halloween time.  We'll also discuss the audio release of Joe Hill's bestseller 'Locke & Key.' (Which our guests worked on and produced).

Guests:  Frederick Greenhalgh, Writer/Producer at FinalRune Productions and Radio Drama Revival. Creator of The Cleansed, a serialized apocalypti-epic podcast.  

Rory O'Shea, Award-winning sound designer of "The Starling Project" and owner of Smash Sound Studios. 

Bill Dufris, producer of AudioComics, director of Titanium Rain, The Perhapanauts, and HorrorScopes