Discount Produce Pilot Program Shows Promise

Mar 7, 2017

Fruit and vegetable displays in most supermarkets contain produce that’s well-shaped and uniform in color without any scars or other blemishes. That doesn’t mean it’s more nutritious and tasty than products that are cosmetically less than perfect. In a pilot program Scarborough-based Hannaford Supermarkets is making misfit fruits and vegetables available at a discount in 15 of its midcoast and southern Maine stores. Hannaford spokesman Eric Bloom.

“These are products that typically go to waste at farm level through either composting or land-filling because they’re not standard products,” says Bloom.

He says the discount produce program extends Hannaford’s sustainability efforts to the farm level. Bloom says that eventually eleven types of produce will be available, although only three or four at one time.

Bloom says its estimated that as much as 30% of farm produce goes to waste. And he says the discount on the misfits is commonly in the 30% range.