Dunlap Corrects Info Regarding Voting In Maine Primaries On Bloomberg Fliers

Jan 29, 2020

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap says Democratic presidential candidate, and former New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg sent inaccurate voting information to some state residents.

The mailing says that all registered Maine voters, regardless of party registration, are allowed to vote in the upcoming Democratic primary on March third. Dunlap says “not so.”

“Only registered Democrats can vote in the Democratic primary, and only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican party.”

But Dunlap says voters who are currently unenrolled or who are registering to vote for the first time can enroll in a party at any time, up to and including Election Day.

What voters can't do is change their party affiliations at the last minute and show up for the primary. Dunlap says state law requires a 15 day waiting period after a change in enrollment.

“So that the parties can't sort of stampede each other's primary races.”

Dunlap says all voters, regardless of party affiliation, may participate in the Special State Referendum Election on March 3 dealing with vaccination exemptions.

The Bloomberg campaign says it regrets the confusion.