Dunlap To Hold Ranked-Choice Informational Meetings

May 13, 2018

Maine Secretary of State Matt Dunlap is going to host a series of informational meetings on the new voting system that will be used for the first time in June primaries.

Dunlap will hold four sessions starting on Monday in Biddeford. Then meetings will follow on May 15 in Bangor, May 21 in Presque Isle and May 29 in Lewiston.

He will also offer a question-and-answer session via Facebook Live on May 24.

Maine voters approved the system that allows voters to rank candidates on a ballot. Under the system, the candidate with a majority wins. If there's no majority winner, then the last-place candidate is eliminated, and the votes are reallocated.

The Maine GOP has gone to court to be exempted. Arguments are scheduled for later this month in federal court.