Dunstan Crossing Book Club 'Looking for Alaska'

John Green's book, Looking For Alaska, was expertly written and focused on serious issues. Underage drinking, smoking, sex, relationships both personal and sexual, and suicide are issues that his characters faced on their journey toward adulthood.

The author held our interest right from the beginning, starting with, "one hundred thirty-six days before" and the countdown continued. The development of the four main characters: Miles (Pudge), Chip Martin (The Colonel), Alaska and Takumi is set in a boarding school in Alabama. John Green's portrayal of events evoked laughter, feelings of empathy and tears. Quite an emotional roller coaster!

Interwoven throughout Green's book is the underlying question of life and the "beyond." One of the main character's journey in seeking a "Great Perhaps" is delicately handled and sprinkled with hope. Hope emanates from experience and relationships both sexual and personal. Throughout the book AND definitely at the end, the characters come to the realization that actions have consequences. The ability to forgive each other is an important part of finding one's self.

Our book club felt it was age appropriate for a high school class where teachers would lead discussions on the serious topics in Looking For Alaska.