The Echo

Jul 6, 2018

Today's poem is "The Echo" by Carl Little. He's the author of Ocean Drinker: New and Selected Poems (2006), as well as many books about art, including Art of Acadia (2016), written with his brother David, and Eric Hopkins: Above and Beyond (2011). 

He writes, "The idea for 'The Echo' started with Stanley Kunitz (one of my writing professors in Columbia’s MFA program). In an interview, Kunitz said he loved how the word 'brave' echoed the word 'love.' I wrote this down and then started to play with the two words. I live near Echo Lake on Mount Desert Island, so I brought that into the poem. The setting became a means to profess love, bravely."

The Echo

by Carl Little

How brave it is to love,
to love is to be brave,

brave love, I love you.
Are you brave enough

to love me in return?
Ah, love, let us be brave

with one another.
We call out “love”

on Echo Lake and
“brave” comes floating

over the water.
“Courage, mon vieux,”

be brave, old friend,
my love, my lover,

my brave beloved. 

Poem copyright © 2008 Carl Little. Previously appeared in Off the Coast.