Environmentalism and Sovereignty for Quebec

Environmentalism and Sovereignty for Quebec

  Speaking in Maine offers a talk delivered by Scott McKay. He's the former leader of the Green Party of Quebec, Canada. He visited Bates College to discuss globalization, national distinctiveness, sovereignty and the environment.

Titled "Environmentalism and Sovereignty for Quebec: Perspectives from the Parti Quebecois," McKay's talk is sponsored by the Sociology Department and the Mellon Foundation Faculty Innovation Fund.

McKay led the province's Green Party from 2006 through 2008. He is now a member of Quebec's National Assembly for the Parti Quebecois. His party has a special vision for the place of Quebec in Canada and the world. In favor of autonomy or outright independence from Canada, the PQ is for a progressive, environmentally conscious and culturally distinctive Quebec.

With 30 years' experience working for environmental causes in Canada, McKay has contributed greatly to the PQ's visions and hopes for a green, sovereign Quebec.

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