Even With Rising Temperatures, Black Ice Is A Problem For Maine Drivers

Jan 24, 2019

It's been a challenging day for Maine drivers across the state.

Public Safety spokesperson Steve McCausland says even though air temperatures have been high, the ground remains cold, which has caused the rain to freeze quickly, catching drivers by surprise.

“We had a problem on one of the Waterville bridges today where it turned to black ice,” he says. “A woman overturned literally in the middle of the bridge and, fortunately, her injuries were not severe.”

Several crashes have been reported late Thursday afternoon on the Maine Turnpike.

McCausland says icy roads could also be an issue for the evening commute.

State Transportation spokesperson Ted Talbot says crews are working to cut back snow banks to prevent water from pooling on roadways before it freezes.

“We really want the flowing where it should be flowing,” he says. “In ditches, in the culverts, into the gutters in the municipalities. You know snow banks, snow itself does act as a barrier.”

Talbot says road patrols will also be out overnight looking for black ice.