Fermentation: A Time-Honored Technique Grows in Popularity

Aug 21, 2019

Credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/justinwkern/

This is a rebroadcast of any earlier show (original air date Feb 14, 2019; no calls will be taken.

Fermentation is trendy now (think kombucha), but it’s also a time-honored Maine tradition, driven by the need to preserve food and beverages over the long winter season. We’ll learn about different fermenting methods and products, and what health benefits they are said to bring.


Kate Wallace, programming director, Resilience Hub

Nancy Harmon Jenkins, food historian, food writer and journalist, cookbook author and speaker

Justin Amaral, co-owner and head of lab services of Maniacal Yeast Labs

Simon Frost (by phone), co-owner of Thirty Acre Farm in Whitefield