Forecasters: Early Summer Drought Affecting Much Of Maine

Jun 26, 2020

This National Drought Monitor map released Thursday shows much of Maine in abnormally dry or moderate drought conditions.
Credit National Drought Monitor / National Drought Mitigation Center

Much of Maine is experiencing an unprecedented early summer drought, according to the National Weather Service.

Chris Kimble, in the weather service's Gray office, says a period of sporadic showers expected this coming week won't do much to help people's brown lawns or farmers’ dry fields.

"This, unfortunately, is not likely to provide significant drought relief," Kimble says. "However, it will at least prevent conditions from worsening as quickly as they would without it. "

Kimble says the state’s last significant rainfall was May 15. The lack of rain has caused groundwater and streamflows to drop - although lakes and reservoirs will take longer to be affected.

Private wells might begin to see issues if the drought continues for the next couple of weeks. Kimble says the forecast calls for a period of showers that could start as early as Saturday and run through midweek.