The Future of Work: How Will Workers and Workplaces Change in a Post-Pandemic World?

Oct 21, 2020


The pandemic has already changed how we go about our work. We'll discuss what changes we are seeing, and what the lasting effects may be on workers and workplaces. How will more remote work alter societal behaviors? Will offices have new configurations or smaller sites in different cities? Will improved lifestyles be a byproduct of this time of sweeping change?



Kristin Brennan, executive director, Career Exploration and Development, Bowdoin College

Michael Borque, president and CEO, MEMIC

Laura Fortman (call-in), commissioner, Maine Department of Labor

Lisa Whited (call-in), founder of Workplace Transformation Facilitation 

Drew Sigfridson (call-in), managing director and partner, The Boulos Co.

Christen Graham (call-in), president, Giving Strong, Inc.