Golden Skeptical Of Trump Rollbacks On Light Bulb Efficiency Standards

Sep 4, 2019

The Trump Administration has announced new rules to roll back energy efficiency standards for light bulbs that were set to take effect in January. But, 2nd District Congressman Jared Golden says he doubts the move will have much of an effect on the industry or the public.

Credit Flickr Creative Commons

“I’m skeptical that the industry will follow, because consumers want more energy efficient light bulbs,” he says. “They want to pay less for their energy, not more.”

The January 2020 deadline was passed by Congress twelve years ago. Since then the industry has moved toward more efficient LED bulbs, and consumers have been buying them. Golden says the rule change will be more symbolic, as consumers will continue to seek out products that lower their electric bills.

“I don’t see consumers clamoring for less efficient light bulbs, any more than they were clamoring for less efficient, fuel efficient cars,” says Golden. “And so while he rolled back fuel efficiency standards, I don’t see the auto industry rushing to follow him down that road.”