Good Vibes and Duct Tape: Stories with Cindy Pierce

Maine Public TV Air Time:
Thur., April 12 at 10:30 pm

An acclaimed comedian, author and New Hampshire celebrity, Cindy Pierce is on a mission to bring the truth about sex and relationships to the forefront through comic storytelling. In tackling these uncomfortable topics, Pierce delivers information, advice and personal stories spiked with her trademark bawdy wit.

In addition to her stand-up gigs, she also tours the country speaking on college campuses about sex. Combining outrageous humor and years of research, Pierce rattles students' perspectives on drunk hook up culture and the pervasive influence of porn. Her hilarious and informative show counsels young people to have more realistic expectations about their own sex lives.

Pierce lives with her husband Bruce and their three kids in Etna, NH, where they own and run Pierce's Inn. Good Vibes and Duct Tape dives into Pierce's hectic world to understand how she balances it all through openness and positive energy and the impact she has on the people who surround her.

Good Vibes and Duct Tape was produced by Julian Danziger and directed by Alex Gerstein.