GOP Candidate Disqualified for Forged, Invalid Signatures

Apr 26, 2018

A Superior Court Judge has upheld the Secretary of State’s decision to invalidate more ballot petition signatures for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Max Linn.

A Superior Court Judge says Max Linn of Bar Harbor should not qualify for the June primary ballot
Credit Max Linn Campaign

The ruling leaves Linn ten signatures short of the 2,000 he needs to qualify for the ballot.

The signatures were invalidated after Linn’s rival, Republican candidate Eric Brakey, uncovered more irregularities in Linn’s ballot petitions, including forged signatures of dead people.

Linn’s campaign had argued that Dunlap abused his discretion as a fact-finder.

Superior Court Judge William Stokes disagreed.

Linn has previously indicated that he’ll continue fighting to remain in the ballot.