Group Gives Hannaford's Parent Company An 'F' On Toxic Chemical Policies

Nov 14, 2017

The parent company of Hannaford has received a failing grade from a report that evaluates retailers’ policies on toxic chemicals.

Patrick MacRoy of the the Maine-based Environmental Health Strategy Center says its "Who's Minding the Store" report evaluated retailers on 14 criteria, including whether they have a public written policy about the chemicals allowed in the products they sell, and how they monitor their supply chain.

MacRoy says Hannaford’s parent company, Ahold Delhaize, ranks at the bottom.

“They have very strong policies in place that are well documented around other environmental and social governance issues, but they don’t have any chemical policy at all, at least, publicly available,” he says.

The report focused on more than 100 chemicals of high concern, like hormone disrupters BPA and phthalates. Though two-thirds of retailers evaluated received failing grades, those with top marks include Apple and Walmart.

In a statement, a Hannaford spokesman said, "We are confident in the quality of our products."