Guide To Watching Maine Public’s Television Channels Over-the-air

What is available from Maine Public?

Maine Public broadcasts four stations that most people across Maine and parts of New Hampshire can access with an HD antenna:

  • Maine Public Television
  • The CREATE Channel
  • The WORLD
  • PBS Kids 24/7 Channel

How do I find out what over-the-air signals are I can likely receive?

Check HERE to see which over-the-air signals may be available in your area. Take special note of the signal strength indicators of each signal in your specific area.

What do I need?

Once a thing of the past, antennas are all the rage now and new technology has made sure that they work better than the rabbit ears you may remember. You can get a good HD antenna for less than $40, and like with a regular antenna, there are no subscription fees.

Note that your channel selection depends a lot on where you live, as well as your line of sight to the broadcast location. If your house is in a valley, you may not have access to as many — or any — stations as you might otherwise living on more level ground.

A non-amplified antenna picks up signals across a range of about 20 miles and is ideal for people in urban areas, who tend to live close to broadcast towers. Individuals living in more rural areas may prefer amplified antennas, which pick up signals over a range of about 50 miles, but also cost more.

Once you determine that purchasing an antenna makes sense for you and your family, purchase a good HD antenna and follow the directions to hook it up.

What about recording my favorite shows?

Even though you will be accessing over-the-air television signals, you may not want to watch your shows while they're actually live, and you don't have to. There are DVRs at every price point that can record your over-the-air TV shows.

Please contact us with any additional questions.