Holt Research Forest: 4 Decades of Long-term Ecosystem Research & Education

Maine Public TV Air Time:
Sat., October 31 at 2:00 pm

A history of the University of Maine Holt Research Forest, including some of the key findings from nearly four decades of long-term forest monitoring.

Holt Research Forest is the site of long-term ecosystem research in a mid-coast Maine oak-pine forest. Since 1983, University of Maine faculty have led studies on forest vegetation and wildlife in response to land management at Holt Research Forest. This vital research has provided insights into the complexity of forest ecosystems and shifts in certain ecological communities due to management as well as changing environmental conditions. This documentary highlights the history and importance of research at the Holt, encompassing land use, forest stands and tree structure, and impacts to and from wildlife. The focus on student and public workshops underscore the HRF’s vision to provide research, education, and guidance to ecologically and economically maintain and manage oak-pine forest ecosystems. In essence, this documentary encapsulates the history and ongoing scientific value of the Holt Research Forest to Maine and its citizens.

Produced by Jack Witham and directed by Charles Hudson of Hudson Media Empire.