Hospice Care - Rebroadcast

Apr 24, 2012

Hospice Care - Rebroadcast

  End of life care. In Maine, the hospice movement has grown over the years, helping to address the needs of the state's older population or those with terminal illness who may not benefit from a hospital setting. 

Host Keith Shortall conducted a conversation about one of the most difficult times for patients and their families. Hospice offers people support, care and comfort during the end of life.  He Spoke with: 

David Giansiracusa (in studio), Director of Palliative Care at Maine Health,

Arlene Wing (in studio), CEO of Hospice of Southern Maine,

Kandyce Powell (from Augusta), Executive Director of Maine Hospice Council and Center for End of Life Care

Carol Schoneberg (via phone), Bereavement Services Director at Hospice of Southern Maine.


Additional Resources from MPBN - Watch online:Caring for the Caregiver,

and find care giving resources listed on our website.


[Hospice Care originally aired on Maine Calling March, 13, 2012.]