Hundreds Rally In Portland To Protest President Trump's Immigration Policies

Jun 30, 2018

Well more than 1,000 people crowded the steps of Portland's City Hall - and the street in front of it -  Saturday afternoon to protest President trump's immigration policies, including family separations at the borders.

The energized crowd greeted speakers with signs and chants and calls to action. But there were also moments of heart-wrenching reflection, as speakers considered the hardships immigrant children suffered at the hands of U.S. policies - and border police.

Hamdia Ahmed, a University of Southern Maine student whose family emigrated here from Somalia, said many people come to the U.S. seeking opportunity, freedom, and... safety.


"This is what the United State once promised the world. Unfortunately, this administration doesn't understand this or doesn't care. It really hurts me when immigrant children are separated from their parents," she said, breaking down in tears.


Other speakers called for renewed efforts to convince Trump supporters to change their views, and help vote him out of office.