Impacts of COVID-19: Maine's Economic Crisis & Statewide Help for Businesses and Workers

Mar 25, 2020


This show will air from 1-3 pm as part of Maine Calling's special coverage of the impacts of COVID-19 on the people of Maine.

With businesses suffering or closing, and people losing their sources of income and livelihoods, what can be done? We speak with Maine's labor and economic leaders to learn how the state is trying to face the challenges of helping to keep workers and businesses afloat amidst the coronavirus emergency.


Heather Johnson, commisioner, Maine Department of Economic and Community Development

Laura Fortman, commissioner, Maine Department of Labor

Kate Ende (call-in), policy director, Maine Consumers for Affordable Health Care

John Egan (call-in), chief investment officer, CEI

Steve Hewins (call-in), president & CEO, HospitalityMaine