The Joy of Jazz: The History & Future of This American Art Form & The Maine Jazz Scene

Dec 27, 2019


 This is a rebroadcast of an earlier show (original air date August 30, 2019); no calls will be taken. 

Before rock 'n' roll, jazz dominated the music scene in America.

In the decades since Elvis and the Beatles changed the face of music, jazz has remained a steady, if somewhat diminished, uniquely American art form.

A panel of jazz lovers, including Maine Public’s own Rich Tozier, join us to talk about their love of jazz and the Maine jazz scene. We’ll also hear some live jazz during the show.


Tom Porter, jazz pianist, former Maine Public Radio journalist, writer and multimedia producer for Bowdoin College

Paul Lichter, jazz promoter who used to run the Portland jazz club Cafe No

Rich Tozier, host, Maine Public’s Jazz Tonight with Rich Tozier.