Judge Orders Separate Trials In 10-Year-Old's Death

Jun 7, 2019

Photos of 10-year-old Marissa Kennedy are displayed on a table at a vigil in Stockton Springs March 4, 2018.
Credit Caitlin Troutman / Maine Public/file

Trials for the mother and stepfather accused of murder in the abuse death of 10-year old Marissa Kennedy will be held separately.

Justice Robert Murray issued the decision Thursday after the mother, Sharon Carrillo, requested to be tried separately. 

Carrillo had also asked the court to suppress incriminating statements she made to law enforcement immediately after her daughter's death last February.  Carrillo's attorneys argued the statements were involuntary because she was a victim of domestic abuse and has cognitive impairments.

Justice Murray disagreed the statements were coerced and denied the motion.

Julio Carrillo's trial is scheduled in August.  Sharon Carrillo will be tried in December.