Katahdin: The Historic Role and Cultural & Economic Importance of Maine's Highest Peak

Dec 23, 2019

"Mt. Ktaadn," Frederic Edwin Church, 1853, oil on canvas
Credit yale.edu

The highest peak in Maine, Katahdin looms large in Maine's history--and continues to hold great importance in our state, culturally and economically. Not only is it a significant landmark and symbol for Native communities, artists and tourists, it's the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail and offers abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation.


Barry Dana, teacher, artist, former chief of Penobscot Nation

David Little, landscape artist, author, "Art of Katahdin: The Mountain, The Range, The Region"

Jym St. Pierre, board secretary, Friends of Baxter State Park; Maine director, RESTORE: The North Woods; editor, Maine Environmental News

Howard Whitcomb (by phone), historian, former board member for Friends of Baxter State Park