LePage Administration Seeks Hydropower Inventory

Sep 10, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine - As part of a new state energy plan to be delivered to the Legislature in January, the Governor's Energy Office is undertaking a study to update the state's inventory of existing and potential hydropower resources.

Maine energy officials say the state has not assessed its hydropower resources since the early 1990's, back when policies were aimed at constructing significant new hydro dams.  State Energy Director Patrick Woodcock says officials want to see if it's possible to get more clean energy from existing hydropower.

Woodcock says the inventory will identify potential sites for small and micro facilities, untapped potential at existing hydropower sites and resources available from river flows, waves, tides and currents, "using new technology, investing in old facilities and managing our system flows in a more efficient manner."

Woodcock says the use of additional hydropower production could help the state comply with pending federal clean power rules.