LePage Says He Would Send National Guard To Mexican Border

Jun 20, 2018

Gov. Paul LePage said he'd “absolutely” send members of Maine's national guard to the U.S.-Mexico Border if asked by President Trump's administration.

After an Eggs and Issues breakfast put on by Portland's Chamber of Commerce, he implied people crossing the border illegally hinder other non-U.S. residents from gaining legal immigration status.

“I'm all for fixing it,” Lepage said. “I'm all for all of them coming in. But lets do it legal. File the application. Stand in line and wait like everybody else.”

In fact, although the Trump administration has characterized its policy as being about illegal immigration, many of the detained migrants — including those separated from their children— enter at official border crossings and request asylum, which is not an illegal entry.

Governors in Connecticut, Delaware, New Jersey and more say they won't provide troops if asked.

Governors of Maryland and Massachusetts are halting earlier moves to send their guard to support border patrol efforts.