Maine-Based Forest Groups to Guide Master Logger Certification Process

Aug 13, 2017

AUGUSTA, Maine - Two Maine-based forest industry groups will spearhead a national effort to promote highly skilled and sustainable logging.

According to the American Loggers Council, the Maine-based Trust to Conserve Northeast Forestlands and the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine will take charge of a program to revitalize and promote a Master Logger Certification program.

The certification sets standards for professional loggers, who must meet seven areas of performance and sustainability.

“Practices that go above and beyond should be recognized and loggers will benefit from the recognition." says TCNF executive director, Ted Wright. 

Wright says Master Loggers are held accountable for their practices through an independent third-party audit, and that those holding the classification will have a leg up within the industry.

Wright says the ALC likely chose Maine to lead the national effort to increase master certification, because the certification has its roots in Maine 17 years ago, when the Professional Logging Contractors of Maine created a third-party audit process for Northeastern loggers.

Those standards were later adopted later by ALC and have provided a framework for other states to create their own standards for responsible logging.