Maine CDC Trying To Identify Individuals Exposed To Rabid Bat

Mar 22, 2019

The Maine Center for Disease Control (CDC) is trying to identify individuals who may have been exposed to rabies last weekend in Bangor through the handling a rabid bat.

State epidemiologist Dr. Siiri Bennett says the live bat was found in the vicinity of Shaw House, a youth shelter.

"We know that it was passed from hand to hand, and apparently, it was passed around for about a 24-hour period," she says.

The bat was taken to a lab and tested positive for rabies.

"As far as we know, people have not been bitten,” Bennett says. “But you are at risk if you have handled a rabid animal with your bare hands. And you know, the concern is that rabies is almost always fatal unless you get treatment."

Bennett is urging anyone who touched the bat with bare hands to contact their health provider or the CDC.