Maine Environmentalists Cheer U.S. Supreme Court Ruling on Air Emissions

Apr 30, 2014

 Maine environmentalists celebrated Tuesday's Supreme Court ruling that upheld an Environmental Protection Agency rule aimed at protecting states from the air pollution generated in neighboring states. Dylan Voorhees of the Natural Resources Council of Maine says the rule promises "staggeringly large benefits to our air quality."

A ruling with "staggeringly large benefits" to air quality
    Voorhees says the E-P-A estimates the rule will translate to 280-billion-dollars worth of health benefits per year.  It also predicts 34,000 premature deaths could be avoided by this rule.  The so-called Cross-State Air Pollution Rule requires 28 states to reduce power-plant emissions that impact air-quality in states located downwind.  The rule had been overturned by a lower court, but Tuesday's Supreme Court decision revived it.