Maine Gets 2,800-Dose Boost In Weekly COVID-19 Vaccine Allotment

Jan 28, 2021

Maine is getting a 16% increase in its next allotment of COVID-19 vaccines.

The Biden administration pledged to increase all state allotments by 16% for at least three weeks. State CDC Director Nirav Shah says that’s a boost of 2,800 doses per week, for a total of more than 20,000.

“Although we are thankful for the increase as well as the stability, it’s also important for folks to bear in mind that even with this increase over the next couple of weeks, we will still only receive enough vaccine to vaccinate less than half — only 46% — of those Maine people over the age of 70 in the next three weeks,” he says.

To reach more of those older adults, the Mills administration is allocating more doses to federally qualified health centers next week. It’s also sending letters to 31,000 MaineCare members ages 70 and older with information about where to get a dose and how to access transportation.