Maine Lawmakers Endorse $105M Transportation Bond, as Student Debt Relief Measure Stalls

Jul 21, 2017

Maine lawmakers Thursday night enacted a $105 million transportation bond that voters will consider in November. 

But a research and development bond, and one to fund student loan debt forgiveness, failed to get enough support. Both are tabled in the House.

“We could have let it go today or we could let it stay there to give it another chance when we come back on August second, to anticipating some vetoes that will be on our desk,” said House Speaker Sara Gideon.

Senate President Mike Thibodeau said that will be difficult.  But he said there will be honest efforts made to reach a compromise before lawmakers return Aug. 2 to consider Gov. Paul LePage's expected vetoes of several bills.

“All concerned parties will be at the table to discuss it," he said. "If we can find common ground we can get it passed. The good news is we did get the transportation bond passed today.”