Maine Parents Bring Concerns About Toxic Products to State House

Mar 4, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine - Parents, health care professionals, fire fighters and lawmakers held a State House news conference today to criticize the way the Department of Environmental Protection has implemented the Maine Kid-Safe products law.

Jessica Graham, of Waterville, says the rules don't tell her about all the dangerous substances that are in various products.

"Unfortunately, even though phthalates have been proven to affect developing fetuses, particularly little boys, I wasn't able to make decisions, do decisions, about exposure because they can be in anything - couch cushions, hand lotion, conditioners," Graham said.

Those attending the news conference endorsed legislation from Freeport Democratic Rep. Sarah Gideon that would require the DEP to include in any rule it issues the list of products that threaten children or pregnant women.

The DEP already has placed seven phthalates on the list of chemicals of high concern and is evaluating their safety.