The Maine Public Broadcasting Network Introduces New Name and Brand Presence

DATE: September 20, 2016
CONTACT: Cory Morrissey - 207.330.4606

(Portland/Bangor/Lewiston) — The Maine Public Broadcasting Network announces that it is adopting Maine Public as its new brand name, it is unveiling a new logo, and is adopting "Maine Public, every day it's _____" as its tagline convention. The changes will be effective on Wednesday, September 21 coinciding with CEO Mark Vogelzang's appearance on Maine Public Radio’s Maine Calling program.

"Our name change to Maine Public and fresh design are more than a cosmetic update. Our brand name and logo are important indicators of who we are and what we stand for," stated CEO & President Mark Vogelzang. "It all started well over a year ago with our team here at the Maine Public Broadcasting Network taking a look at our name and logo and asking ourselves if they fully reflected where we are headed. Do they capture our growth in the digital space? Our growing journalism strength? Do they accurately reflect all that we do? After very careful consideration we decided to move ahead with redefining ourselves."

With a simplified name and redesigned logo, the organization will roll out the new look and feel over the next few months over Maine Public's radio and television signals and in its print and online resources. Physical locations will be updated with new exterior and interior signs. Portland agencies Might and Main participated in the rebranding effort, building the new brand presence and designing the new name and logo, and GarrandPartners ideated on the brand launch platform and tagline approach.

"Maine Public, every day it's ______" will serve as Maine Public's tagline, becoming central to its brand. The tagline convention is unique in that the last line of the tagline can and will change per use with adjectives like “informative,” “unconventional,” and “illuminating.” “One day you will hear “Maine Public, every day it’s provocative” on Maine Public Radio and the next day you will see “Maine Public, every day it’s educational” on our CREATE Channel,” noted Vogelzang. “We really like how fresh and immediate our tagline will be and how specific it will be to our programming.”

About Maine Public:

Maine Public is Maine’s premier, independent media resource, dedicated to creating exceptional opportunities for the communities it serves to engage with critical issues, compelling stories and quality entertainment. Maine Public is renowned for creating award-winning programs, as well as airing content from PBS, NPR, and other independent producers. Formed in 1992, Maine Public is an independently owned and operated nonprofit organization with office and studio locations in Bangor, Lewiston, and Portland, Maine. For more information, visit