Maine Public Travel: Iceland 2018

Maine Public's most recent cultural travel program explored Iceland in June of 2018. Nearly 30 friends and supporters from across Maine traveled to Reykjavik with Jennifer Rooks, host of Maine Calling, and CEO Mark Vogelzang during the longest day and week of the year.

With Iceland in the World Cup, there was a dynamic energy throughout the small country in the far North Atlantic, and that was captured during a broadcast from the public radio studios of RUV. Jennifer interviewed a tourism expert, a TV sports anchor on Iceland’s improbable run in the Cup, as well as a U.S. Embassy representative, an economist and a politician turned tour guide.  During the show, we explored the shared challenges of Maine and Iceland, and the continuing growth opportunities ahead for Iceland. The remarkable thousand-year history of the first democratic country, and the incredible beauty of glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and the continental plates had the entire group of public radio and television fans enthralled with Iceland.