Maine To Receive $27 M For Transportation Projects

Dec 8, 2018

Maine is getting almost $27 million in federal dollars for three transportations projects.

Two grants worth $18 million, will pay for road and infrastructure improvements in downtown Waterville and in the western Maine towns of Kingfield, Woodstock and Fryeburg.

Another $8 million will go to replace and enhance 100 of 800 traffic signals across the state.

State Traffic Engineer Stephen Landry says the project will include all the traffic signals in Kennebec County.

“Then we supplemented it with some other signals in some other municipalities, you know, a couple of them,” says Landry. “Sanford was work that we've done in the past but haven't been able to fund the construction side of it, and then we chose also Belfast and Farmington just because of their proximity to Kennebec County.”

In addition to replacing the entire traffic signal, the upgrades will include new computers that run the devices, communications enhancements and infrastructure to support autonomous vehicles.

Landry says the state would like to take care of the other 700 traffic signals across the state as funding becomes available.