Maine Science Festival 2019

2019 Maine Science Festival
5th Annual March 13-11

As part of Maine Public's support and recognition of the importance of providing educational opportunities for Maine, we are continuing in our role as a key media sponsor for the Maine Science Festival (MSF). Launched in 2015, the MSF is a celebration of science with workshops, forums, talks, presentations, exhibits, films and hands-on activities (and this year an evening of science trivia!) Held annually with more than 70 events and activities for all ages across Bangor, the MSF is committed to dissecting, exploring and celebrating the remarkable science, engineering, mathematics and technology happening in Maine every day. Almost every MSF event is available free-of-charge all weekend. Go HERE for the complete schedule.

The 2019 headliner for the Maine Science Festival is a live show from the team that produces Science Vs. Tackling everything from detox teas, to gun control, the ketogenic diet, to nuclear war, host/reporter Wendy Zukerman and senior producer Kaitlyn Sawrey are relentless in finding out what science can really tell us and they do it in a way that takes the science seriously and makes it understandable for anyone who listens. The topic for this year’s festival? UFOs.

The headliner event takes place on Saturday, March 16 at 7:30 pm at the Gracie Theatre on the Husson University Campus. In keeping with MSF’s mission to keep the festival as accessible as possible, the tickets are $10/students and $17/public in advance, with a $5 increase if purchased at the door. Click HERE to purchase tickets.