Maine Turnpike Authority Says Traffic Is Manageable Heading Into The Holiday

Jul 3, 2018

There's been a steady flow of traffic into Maine ahead of the July 4th Holiday, but nothing that's caused traffic jams or overwhelming problems on Maine's turnpike, according to Maine Turnpike Authorities.

Executive Director Peter Mills says traffic was "huge" last Friday and Saturday, but it didn't beat last year's measurement for the same day of the week. He says it's likely people traveling to the state started early.

“I suspect a lot of them are already here,” he says. “And it's kind of nice because we've had a lot of steady traffic but no traffic jams.” “We've had, from our perspective, rather manageable inbound flow which is nevertheless very substantial,” Mills says.

Mills says the Turnpike Authority will be looking to outbound traffic later in the week to see if any issues arise.