In Maine's 2nd CD Race, Golden Raises Far More Than Poliquin In Recent Quarter

Oct 15, 2018

Democratic challenger Jared Golden has raised five times more money in the most recent quarter than Republican Rep. Bruce Poliquin.

Federal fundraising reports indicate Golden brought in $2.7 million compared to $538,000 for Poliquin.
But the Poliquin campaign has more cash on hand. As of Sept. 30, Poliquin's campaign said it had $2.1 million available to spend, compared to $640,000 for Golden. Poliquin's campaign spokesman said the cash advantage "puts him in a strong position in the final weeks of the campaign.''
The amount of money spent so far underscores the competitiveness of the race, one of several which would determine the balance of power in the U.S. House.