Maine's Ranked-Choice Ballot Count Runs Into Technical Issues

Jun 19, 2018

Credit Maine Department of the Secretary of State Facebook Page

It could be a little while longer until the winner of the Democratic Gubernatorial primary is revealed.

Deputy Secretary of state Julie Flynn has announced that the scans the office got of ballots from five towns – Gray, Ellsworth, Lewiston, Orland and Westbrook – weren't clear enough to be read by the program that'll count the votes.

This means the state must dispatch plain-clothes detectives to those municipalities to fetch the hard copies of the ballots, bring them back, and and scan them in to the tabulation software. It should not take too long, just the time it takes to get them, bring them back to Augusta, scan them in.

The Secretary of State's office says barring any issues with getting the ballots, final numbers could be until later this evening, or potentially until tomorrow morning.