Marina For 'Mega Yachts' Under Construction On Portland Waterfront

Feb 11, 2019

Construction is now underway on a new marina on Portland's eastern waterfront that will be able to accommodate the super-luxury vessels known as "mega yachts."

Fore Points Marina is part of the long-planned redevelopment of the Portland Company complex. And Vanessa Pike, director of marina sales and marketing, says the 150-slip marina will address a developing need.

"Portland is a destination for tourism now, and there are a lot of larger vessels that come into the area that just don't have the mooring or availability for slips to tie up and to stay," Pike says.

And Pike says the marina will be something like a family campground. "We'll have activities onsite - we might have musicans there form time to time, we'll have barbecues.  It's going to be a place where boaters can go and hang out and have fun and be with their family and friends."

This will be the first time berths will be available for vessels up to 590 feet, in Portland's harbor. But Pike says many tenants at the 150-slip marina will be smaller vessels, and that the new marina will help with a shortage of space for seasonal vessels.