May 3: Mills' First Veto, A Climate Change Commission, And More Mueller News

May 3, 2019

It's Friday and time again for Maine's Political Pulse. This week Irwin Gratz talks with Steve Mistler and Mal Leary about Democratic Gov. Janet Mills’ first veto - which contrasts starkly with past Governor' LePage's penchant for the act.

Credit Rebecca Conley

They also tackle Mills’ new Climate Change Commission and some elected official's response to this week's update in the Mueller investigation.

More to read:

  • Janet Mills' Proposal Would Create 27-Member Climate Change Council
  • Janet Mills’ first veto aims to stop a Republican’s effort to limit ethanol in gasoline
  • LePage Vetoes More than 20 Bills, Including Funding For Prison and Direct Care Workers (2018)
  • Angus King Says William Barr Is Acting More Like Trump’s Lawyer Than The People’s Lawyer

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