Maine Public has partnered with other local organizations and businesses for a community-wide expression of gratitude for your generous membership support and hope that you will benefit from using our MemberCard in 2017 and beyond.

As a member of Maine Public at $90 or above or an Evergreen Friend Member at any amount, you qualify to receive an Maine Public MemberCard.
Now there are TWO ways to access your Maine Public MemberCard benefits.

THE MEMBERCARD: Just present your Maine Public MemberCard at participating museums, arts, cultural, dining and lodging venues, and be welcomed with 2-for-1 savings and similar privileges that come with Maine Public membership.

Click HERE to find and sort listings of the museums, performances, lodging and fine dining venues that proudly accept your Maine Public MemberCard.

MEMBERCARD MOBILE APP: Make the most of your Maine Public MemberCard with the all-new MemberCard Mobile App for both iPhone and Android, now available in the Apple App Store and Google Play!

Now, not only can you use your smartphone to find available discounts, you can also show your phone on the spot to redeem the offer — no need to carry a card with you.

Getting up and running with the Maine Public MemberCard Mobile App is easy! If you had previously downloaded the Maine Public MemberCard benefit locator app, just update to the most recent version.

If new to the Maine Public MemberCard Mobile App, follow the information below to download the App and start saving!
Maine Public MemberCard Mobile App Basics

How to download the app:

Downloading the app is very easy. You can download the app for either iPhone or Android devices by searching “MemberCard” in the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

You will need an activation code to get started:

If you are a new or renewing member, the activation code will be embossed on the front of your Maine Public MemberCard.

If you are a member who was recently issued a card:

Please visit to request an activation code or call MemberCard at 1-800-423-7645.

How the benefits are redeemed using the Maine Public MemberCard Mobile App:

Once you have created your account, you can search benefits by location, or name. When you are ready to redeem an offer, simply click “Redeem” and present it to the benefit provider.

Benefits will be located by GPS and appear as a list on the app. Once a benefit is selected, you will hit the “redeem” button at the bottom of their screen. At that point, you are prompted twice, ensuring that you want to redeem that benefit. You need to be physically at the establishment in order to redeem.
Thank you for your continued support of Maine Public!