Mills: Maine, Arctic Closely Linked On Climate Change And Other Issues

Oct 11, 2019

Gov. Janet Mills Friday detailed Maine's plan to address climate change at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Reykjavik, Iceland. She also said she is seeking closer relationships with the nations in attendance.

"Maine is part of the Arctic Circle," she said. "What happens in the Arctic Circle affects our state, and the actions of our little state affect the Arctic Circle and the world."

Mills said Maine's new climate council is just one example of how the state is responding to global warming.

She said the delegation Maine sent to the assembly is the largest in state history, and is made up of business leaders, college presidents, researchers, policy makers and others.

"We are putting our best minds together now to determine what we have to do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut our appetite for fossil fuels, on which we have come to depend so much," she said.