Mills Nominates Familiar Face For Commissioner Of Labor

Dec 21, 2018

Mills says she will nominate former state Labor Commissioner Laura Fortman as her Commissioner of Labor. She says Fortman was the top recommendation of her advisory committee.

“I knew her as Commissioner in a former life and under a previous Governor, but I really wasn’t close with her, so I wanted to make sure that should would be fair and a good manager,” says Mills. “There are a lot of things to do in that department.”

Mills says she has asked Fortman to make sure the unemployment computer system is working properly. The Governor-elect says its debut was marred by errors and unanswered phone calls.

Mills also says she will name the General Counsel of the Workers Compensation Commission to serve as Commission Chair. She says Jim Rohde has the experience to run the agency. Both positions will require confirmation by the legislature.

Mills says about Rohde, “I expect he will be fair. He has a law background. He’s got deep experience in the workers compensation board, in the administration of that.”