Mills Signs Bill Requiring All Insurers Who Cover Prenatal Care To Also Cover Abortions

Jun 13, 2019

For the second time this week, Maine has expanded access to abortion services. 

On Monday, Gov. Janet Mills approved a bill that allows advanced practice clinicians to perform the procedure. Thursday, Mills signed a bill that requires all insurers who cover prenatal care to also cover abortions. Nicole Clegg of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England says that includes Medicaid.

"When you allow an insurance company, including Medicaid, to withhold coverage, you're really denying them the ability to make a real decision about their pregnancy," says Clegg.

Clegg says this coverage is important in a large, rural state like Maine.

"You can have to travel far distances, you can find that your insurance doesn't cover it, and you can struggle to come up with the resources to pay for it out of pocket."

Approval for the bill fell largely along party lines. Senate Republicans issued a statement Thursday denouncing the law, saying abortions should not be funded by Maine taxpayers.