New Leads Into 2017 Disappearance Of Greenbush Man Spur Police Search Efforts

Sep 27, 2019

The Maine State Police say they are following up on new leads into the disappearance of a Greenbush man who has been missing for more than two years.

"We currently have members of our evidence response team on scene who are currently involved in our search efforts. We are being assisted by members of the department of transportation as well as the Maine warden service," says Lieutenant Troy Gardner. Gardner says investigators are planning to search an area of the Towers Road in Greenbush all day Friday and possibly Saturday.

"We are asking that if anyone has information about where Guy Carmel is or what may have happened to him, they contact us so we can talk to them," says Gardner.

Gardner says the disappearance of 66 year old Guy Carmel in March 2017 is viewed as "suspicious" and that detectives on scene will be available to speak with anyone who has information.